[Updated Version] Single Electric Breast Pump – Comfort Bilateral Electric Breastpumps Mimics Natural Breastfeeding Less Pain 9-Grade Adjustment with BPA-Free – By Duomishu

[Updated Version] Single Electric Breast Pump - Comfort Bilateral Electric Breastpumps Mimics Natural Breastfeeding Less Pain 9-Grade Adjustment with BPA-Free - By Duomishu
  • ✤ STRONG VACUUM 9 GRADES QUIET SETTINGS – Adopts open milking funnel thus offer stronger suction vacuum. 9-grade adjustment ranging from Low to High, provides accurate and fine suction tuning.The unique self-definition setting could satisty the usage of different user preferences.
  • ✤ UNIQUE PATENT SUPER LOW NOISE – Single side Breast pump adopts unique patented framework to realize super low noise – 7 to 11 db lower than the normal single side. It should be the most low-noise single side breast pump currently available,particularly suitable for mums to use at night to avoid disturbing the baby.
  • ✤ ANTI-BACKFLOW – Closed System Design, the clever seal cap design makes it impossible for the milk to flow back into the pump, wich reduces the defect chance. Guaranteed Against Milk Entering the Tubing, which Ensures Hygiene and Makes the Pump Easy to Clean.
  • ✤ MIMICS NATURAL BREASTFEEDING – It is cleverly designed to imitate the natural rhythms of a baby breast feeding, which causes the mother to experience a quick let-down and faster pumping. The breast pump massages at first to generate milk secretion. Then, it gently expresses milk from the breast. The device shifts frequencies during pumping phases automatically to make the milk extraction more comfortable for the mother.
  • ✤ SMALL SIZE AND USER-FRIENDLY – Small Size Design is Portable and Discreet for Occasional Time Away from Baby. Manual Adjustment, One-handed Operation, LCD Display Screen for Real-time Observation, can show the suction status intuitively for convenient observation of users. 30 minutes automatically shut down, care for mother’s health

— Are you a mother who wants to breast feed her baby as much as possible??
— Do you want to express your breast milk and refrigerate it, so your baby can have it when you are not there?
— Have you tried using a manual breast pump, but found that it did not collect much milk and took a lot of time?
— Are you scared to use an electric breast pump because it might be painful?
— Are you currently shopping for a new breast pump, because the one you have is too bulky and/or noisy?

You need the Electric Breast Pump – it gently and quietly expresses milk while you bond with your baby!

— Designed to mimic the natural pattern of a baby breastfeeding so pumping is more comfortable for you
— Has 9 different settings for expressing milk – can go Low to High to complement your milk flow
— Suction cup features 5 soft, massaging petals – keeps you warm and induces milk production
— Breast pump is whisper quiet and mini-size, so it can be transported and used anywhere
— The Mini Electric Breast Pump is just what you need to express your breast milk expediently and with no pain. Its massaging suction cup causes quick let-down, and with 9 different settings, it has enough speed to collect all of your milk without spilling a drop.

Package include:
Main Pump x1
Tube Plug x1
Dust Cover x1
Massage Cushion x1
Funnel Cap x1
Air Cup x1
Milking Funnel x1
Valve Base x1
Valve Membrane x1
Milk Bottle x1
Bottle Holder x1
Nipple Cover x1
Nipple Cap x1
Nipple x1
Power Adapter x1

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