TWINPACK: Large Reusable Hot Cold Pack Ice Gel Heat Pad | Back Knee Shoulder Ankle Injury | Compress Strap Sleeve Wrap

TWINPACK: Large Reusable Hot Cold Pack Ice Gel Heat Pad | Back Knee Shoulder Ankle Injury | Compress Strap Sleeve Wrap
  • HOT/COLD GEL PACK- Our Reusable Hot Cold Packs are created with a sturdy polyethylene plastic outer material and high viscosity medical-grade Gel to allow for flexibility at even cold temperatures.
  • ELASTIC COMPRESS WRAP – The gel pack fits snugly into the luxury fabric wrap with elasticated compress strap for adjustable Hot or Cold compress therapy.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST – Universal size. The elastic strap enables you to adjust the level of compression. When attached to the elbow, the strap should be wrapped around twice. The strap is long enough for the pack to be used on almost any body part. (Fits upto a 44″ waist)
  • HOT/COLD USES – Some benefits of cold use: Pain Relief, Reduce Swelling, Ease Muscle Spasm & Cooling Effect. Some benefits of hot use: Pain Relief, Ease Joint Stiffness, Help Blood Circulation, Relaxation & Warming Effect
  • BOX CONTAINS: 2 Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Packs (14x28cm) & 2 Luxury Fabric Compress With Elasticated Strap Wraps (10x65cm)

Dynamik Products worked closely with therapeutic professionals to design this Hot/Cold Gel Pack with Compression Cuff.

+ Helps to reduce pain and discomfort
+ Flexible gel conforms to shape of your body
+ Fully reusable and designed to last
+ Elasticated strap keeps the pack in place against body
+ One size fits most

Hot/Cold Therapy is recommended for exercise or lifestyle-related muscle aches and pains, as well as long-term joint complaints. Its benefits include:

+ Pain relief
+ Increase blood flow
+ Numbs the painful area
+ Reduce fevers or simply cool down
+ Ease joint stiffness

Many injury sufferers continue to struggle with the outdated bag of frozen peas on their injured body. Dynamik’s hot/cold packs have many advantages:

+ No mess – sealed container means no water/ice leaking
+ Reusable – gel pack designed to last 10,000 heating/cooling cycles
+ Remains flexible at low temperatures

Included in bag:
– 2 x hot/cold packs (27x14cm)
– 2 x pouches with elastic straps (27x14cm pouch, 10x65cm strap)


This Dynamik product is backed by our 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

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