The most intense Back Massage you will ever try. Fast relief for Muscle Aches & Back Pain

The most intense Back Massage you will ever try. Fast relief for Muscle Aches & Back Pain
  • Relieves Muscle Tension FAST. NON Powered Natural Traction Device.
  • Loved by Doctors, Physio’s and Osteopaths.
  • 10 pairs of thumbs. Can massage shins, calves, hamstrings and the Back
  • 480 massage nodules. Can massage IT Band, Buttocks, Quads and the Back
  • FREE Back In Shape DVD worth £12.95

Neil Summers, “I have massaged away the knots in my own back everyday for 20 years. Result: I am pain free and upright. More recently I use it like a foam roller to stretch and release muscle tension for my Quads, Buttocks, IT Band, Calves, Shins.”

The Award Winning Back Rola. Say ‘goodbye’ to Backache and Muscle Tension.

Long lasting pain relief for aches associated with * muscular aches and pains * sports injuries * poor posture * stiffness. Rollers act like 10 pairs of thumbs with 480 massaging nodules to release muscle tension. Takes a few minutes – gives instant results. Rollers replicate the action of a shiatsu massage.

Takes the pressure off discs, improves posture and relaxes muscle tension.

Comes FREE with Neil Summers’s Back In Shape DVD. Neil Summers has been helping people banish backache for over 20 years. Neil was diagnosed with a debilitating back problem whilst serving in the Royal Marine Commandos. The discomfort and pains became so serious that Neil was medically discharged from the Royal Marines. After many years of trial and error Neil designed a unit that would enable anyone of any age to stretch his or her spine by simply lying down and relaxing. Like all great ideas it is remarkably simple. It has won awards for the Great British Invention of the Year, but most importantly it has helped thousands of people around the World treat and end their own back pain.

480 massaging nodules – releasing tension and massaging aching muscles. The Back Rola’s curve is specially designed to allow muscles to be mashed, worked over and stretched. It is possible to roll over the whole unit – giving a full body massage and stretch for the maintenance of good healthy muscles.

Lowest Price: £49.95
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