The Genie Head Massager

The Genie Head Massager
  • Just a few seconds of help from this Head Massager is enough to send you into a chilled out state of bliss.
  • Specifically designed to stimulate your nerve endings and massage acupressure points on your neck, scalp, and temples.
  • This really is the ultimate massager and makes a unique mothers day or valentines present.

Here’s a device that looks more like something that the Marquis de Sade himself might have enjoyed in his time. But rather than being the source of any foreign hanky panky, this contraption has an altogether more holistic purpose in mind. And it’s not what you think. These holistic purposes include relaxing and re-energising the body, relieving aches and pains, improving circulation and lymphatic drainage. Intrigued? Well do read on. The weightless fingers arching off its central spindle are designed to be moved slowly across the skin, stimulating nerve endings and releasing those rather nice endorphins in the process. What results, is a warm tingling sensation which relaxes muscles, providing localised pain relief and a general feeling of heavenly well-being. Divine. The Genie Head Massager is a versatile and flexible massage tool that can be deployed all over your your neck, scalp and temples. So simply sit back, relax and indulge while its slow, caressing strokes create remarkable sensations within, not to mention sending shivers of delight down your spine.

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