The Eye Doctor -Hot Eye Compress Heat bag for Dry Eye, Blepharitis, MGD. Microwave and Oven Heating

The Eye Doctor -Hot Eye Compress Heat bag for Dry Eye, Blepharitis, MGD. Microwave and Oven Heating
  • Now featuring a new synthetic fill of Body Beads® (patent pending) – Short heating time, safer & superior heat retention
  • Includes a free storage pouch for safe, clean and dry storage. An adjustable strap for a personalised fit and a fully removable, washable cover for hygiene
  • Comprehensive instructions on heating, care and eyelid massage procedure included
  • An Ophthalmologist recommended eye treatment

The Eye Doctor® is a hot eye compress that helps relieve symptoms of various eye conditions and complications. Now filled with all new BodyBeads®, The Eye Doctor® can be heated safely in both the microwave and oven. BodyBeads®, a patent-pending technology, has passed all appropriate independent safety tests for both the microwave and oven. it is non-toxic, non-flammable and is proven to be more resistant to overheating than natural grain. The Eye Doctor® is a Registered Class 1 Medical Device with the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The Eye Doctor® helps to relax away the symptoms of: • MGD (Blepharitis) • Inflamed, painful & sore eyes • Dry Eye Disease • Chalazion (Eyelid Cysts) • Grittiness & Irritation • Blurred vision & sensitivity to light. Most patients should benefit from applying The Eye Doctor® and performing eyelid massage (instructions included) twice a day for two weeks. This can be reduced to once a day and then a couple of times a week as required, once symptoms have been alleviated. The Eye Doctor® focuses on heating the eyelids externally. The warmth stimulates the glands to give relief from the tension and irritation of the eyes. There is strong scientific research showing that heating the eyelid to the recommended temperature will help treat the various conditions listed. Your treatment pack includes: • The Eye Doctor® • A pouch for safe, clean, dry storage • Comprehensive instruction booklet Dr Colin Parsloe, Staff at University Hospitals Bedfordshire says “In my opinion The Eye Doctor is the best quality eyelid heat mask on the market. Not only do I love it for my eyes, but it appears to be my patient’s first choice microwavable hot compress”

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