TensCare Perfect TENS Pain Relief Machine – Clinically Approved

TensCare Perfect TENS Pain Relief Machine - Clinically Approved
  • Perfect TENS is easy to use, with 8 preset programmes giving a wide choice of settings, shown to be effective in clinical trials
  • Programmes incl. High and Low frequency, Burst, Modulation and Han modes. Also offers a Manual Programme, to tune for individual needs
  • Perfect TENS has 60 steps of strength, making it both powerful and controllable, with two channels so you can give relief to two areas
  • The illustrated instruction manual tells you how to use TENS clearly and simply
  • The slimline design and angled belt clip makes it easy and comfortable to wear

 Attractive: Ultra Slim design using standard AA alkaline batteries, Rubberised control keys, Reversible belt clip  Effective: Two channels. 8 Preset programmes using parameter settings shown to be effective in clinical trials  Flexible: 1 additional programme with a wide range of manual settings that allows you to tune the output to your individual needs.  Powerful: 60 mA output with balanced waveform  Comfortable : provides gentle TENS stimulation with 60 steps of intensity  Open Circuit Detection – detects if the electrode pads are not correctly connected to your body, automatically resetting the strength setting to zero, eradicating any sudden changes of intensity if the connection is re-established  Economical: 2 x AA batteries  Automatic Keypad lock – automatic keypad locking if the unit remains unused for 30 seconds to prevent any accidental changes in setttings  Programme Timer – allows the user to follow a specific treatment plan with ease. Session times of 20, 40 and 60 minutes can be enabled  Dual channel with independent intensity controls  Clear Large LCD display  Usage Memory  Safe and Effective: Complies with EN60601-1-11 Home Healthcare Environment and EN60601-2-10 Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulators

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