Serrapeptase Tablets | 80,000iu Supplement Pills for Circulation and Pain Relief | Oxford Vitality ®

Serrapeptase Tablets | 80,000iu Supplement Pills for Circulation and Pain Relief | Oxford Vitality ®
  • REDUCES INFLAMMATION – Serrapeptase is an enzyme that breaks down proteins and reduces inflammation at its source.
  • EFFECTIVE PAIN RELIEF – Serrapeptase breaks down the inflammatory markers that bring about pain in the human body.
  • HIGH QUALITY – Oxford Vitality’s Serrapeptase tablets are 3rd party tested to ensure that you receive the highest quality Serrapeptase tablets.
  • MADE IN THE UK – For your health and satisfaction all of Oxford Vitality’s Serrapeptase Tablets are manufactured in Oxfordshire in the UK
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Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme meaning that it breaks down proteins. Oxford Vitality use a purified bacterial source called, Serratia Marcescens. The Serratia Marcescens is a gram-negative, rod shaped bacteria. They produce a dark red pigment called “Prodigiosin” that makes this source very distinctive.

It was discovered in the 1960s from the intestines of silkworms. Silkworms produce the most Serrapeptase in nature. As the silkworm moth emerges from the cocoon, it releases Serrapeptase to dissolve the cocoon. It does so by acting on and breaking down proteins that make up the structure.

In the human body serrapeptase is able to bind to blodo proteins and transport to almost all areas of the body. Due to its structure and transport mechanism the Serrapeptase enzyme is commonly used as a supplement in Japan, Europe and the US. Furthermore, Serrapeptase breaks down proteins and so can be hugely beneficial for Inflammatory disease. Serrapeptase breaks down excessive mucous, and inflammatory stimulating proteins. It’s believed by targeting inflammation it can reduce pain in some disorders.

Please take on an empty stomach. Please note this product is not enterically coated and does contain Milk and Soy Bean.

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