Proworks Premium Black Weight Lifting & Bodybuilding Lumbar Back Support Gym Belt (Small)

Proworks Premium Black Weight Lifting & Bodybuilding Lumbar Back Support Gym Belt (Small)
  • High quality body building workout belt from Proworks, designed to reduce back pain and offer better lumbar support during heavy lifts. Made from 70% SBR Rubber and 30% Dacron Polyester; available in small, medium, large and extra-large.
  • You should always try and lift with your legs, not your back; but for added support, a corrective back brace can help with your posture and reduce the strain on your lower back during intense weightlifting exercises.
  • Strength training has a wide range of benefits and is a great way to lose weight and improve your overall health, fitness and conditioning. These weight-lifting belts are ideal to use when power lifting and using free weights, squat racks and dipping stations.
  • Don’t worry about pulling a muscle in your back during those tough workouts; these sport back braces can also be used when performing dumbbell, barbell and deadlift exercise routines.
  • These adjustable belts can be used by both men and women, whether they are regular people working out or professional weightlifters involved with powerlifting and strongman competitions. Waist Size: 27″ – 33″ ¦ 68cm – 84cm.

Proworks is proud to offer you the very best in work out gear, accessories and equipment for use at home, in the gym or on the move! Remembering to stretch after every sporting routine is a good way to reduce muscle fatigue and back pain; but to be extra safe, why not try one of our back supports. Simply wear one of these belts around your waist so it fits comfortably around your lower back and you’re ready for your next big set of lifts.

Not only are these belts great for weightlifting, they can also be worn when performing dips, squats and various sports to ensure good form and posture. With its strong hook and loop fastener, these belts will stay as tight as you want them for the duration of your workout program.

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