PhysioWorld Spikey Massage Ball – Blue – 9cm

PhysioWorld Spikey Massage Ball - Blue - 9cm
  • Designed by physiotherapists to release knots and ease stiff muscles
  • Increases blood circulation and removes toxins to help with muscular discomfort
  • Perfect for an all over body massage, before and after a workout
  • Best used in conjunction with a PhysioWorld Foam Roller
  • 9cm – Blue

Spikey Massage Balls are used to release specific areas of irritation and discomfort in muscles. By reducing muscle tension this will improve blood supply to the area and encourage the healing process. How to Use Having identified the specific area of irritation and discomfort place the massage ball against the area and begin massaging. For Lower Back Pain. Lie on a hard surface, put the massage ball between the back and the hard surface , locate specific site of discomfort and apply downward pressure by flattening the back, rotate with pressure over the ball

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