Organic Turmeric With Bioperine (For Greater Absorption) 700mg – 90 Capsules – UK Made – High-Potency

Organic Turmeric With Bioperine (For Greater Absorption) 700mg - 90 Capsules - UK Made - High-Potency
  • WARNING! Don’t take any turmeric or curcumin supplement UNLESS it contains Bioperine! As good as turmeric is, it’s NOT well absorbed in the stomach! That’s where Bioperine comes in – this scientifically tested extract from black pepper helps increase absorption of some nutrients by 51% or more! This supplement contains Bioperine
  • Turmeric contains curcumin – and when paired with Bioperine – is one of the most POWERFUL anti-inflammatories out there today! Used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic (Indian) Medicine to help with overall pain, joint pain, inflammation and other ailments – Turmeric is thought to inhibit the molecules that play a role in any inflammatory condition…
  • Used by people in relation to arthritic condition, joint issues, as well as to reduce overall inflammation.
  • Also used as a 100% NATURAL pain-reliever, without the side-effects usually associated with pharmaceutical equivalents
  • This supplement is 100% PURE ORGANIC Turmeric (700mg PER capsule) sourced from a very reputable supplier, coupled with Bioperine (a patented black pepper extract) to create greater absorption, and hence better RESULTS. Very few supplements out there used Bioperine yet it’s proven to improve the absorption of Turmeric and its efficacy!

The best turmeric supplement on!

Why? Because our turmeric is paired with Bioperine – a trademarked black-pepper extract which has been proven in scientific studies to increase absorption of nutrients like turmeric!

You see, the issue with Turmeric, as good as it is, is that it ISN’T very well-absorbed by the body. Most of what you take you lose! But not anymore…

Our organic turmeric ALSO comes with a dose of Bioperine to help increase absorption! Some nutrients studied see a 51% increase in absorption when used with Bioperine!

Don’t buy a turmeric supplement without Bioperine – especially as ours isn’t much more expensive than the rest (in fact, it’s cheaper than some of our competitors anyway!).

Why turmeric? Simply put, it is one of nature’s most powerful supplements. It has many wonderful effects…

Firstly, for example, it’s great for inflammation. Lots of studies have been done on turmeric/curcumin and its anti-inflammatory effects and how it can help with joint support. It is a potent yet totally natural anti-inflammatory (NO pharmacy required!).

Curcumin (the main ingredient in turmeric) is also thought to help to lower pain thresholds

So what’s the price for this powerful turmeric supplement…with 700mg PER capsule, and with added Bioperine for greater absorption and hence results?

Well, we’ve sourced some of the best organic turmeric we could find, and we’ve had this specially manufactured with additional Bioperine to create the best possible results. And these are UK-MADE by the way – not cheap Chinese imports!

You can be sure you’re getting a quality product that will produce results. Try it for yourself today.

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