MQ 40Patch/5 Box Chinese Medical Herbal Plaster for Rheumatism Joint back pain

MQ 40Patch/5 Box Chinese Medical Herbal Plaster for Rheumatism Joint back pain
  • Shaolin Bodhidharma Chinese herbal medicine Knee/Joint/back/Rheumatism pain relief Adhesive Plasters/Patches
  • Widely used for rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis pain, waist/Back pain, sprain,muscles and bones aching, bruise,neuralgia, arms and legs Numbness, dead/necrosis bone healing etc.
  • Suit for Driver,Office worker,Sportsman,Elderly people
  • the paste is God’s post 10 posted a course, pay attention to course of application
  • Size: 8 patch/ bag /5(70mm*100mm)

Dharma God stick for: scapulohumeral periarthritis of cervical spondylosis hyperosteogeny, rheumatism and rheumatoid, postpartum rheumatism, lumbar disc herniation, spinal stenosis sciatica old rheumatism synovitis (water, effusion) tenosynovitis ganglion cyst tendinitis meniscus injury muscle strain tennis elbow shares bad to the bone, dead bone necrosis bone Folding, etc.
Characteristics of Damour’s God Zhuifengtougu, targeted delivery, can also promote the local microcirculation in Pull out the wind cold dampness and other long-term accumulation in the body of “damp”, makes the local function to repair, so that the power system balance, reached “general pain, pain more treat pain treatment objectives. How much time can be more Dharma paste each post can be posted 2-4 days, a course of 10, generally 1 course of disease in mild cases, the person that weigh 2-3 course easy to lift the your troubles. For the duration of a long period of time, patients with intractable please illustrate the symptom with so that we for you formulation detailed treatment plan. Usage Guides: for external use, applied in the painful parts. Please use the towel to wipe the painful parts and clean it with warm water before use the plaster. Change it for 12-36hous each time. You have to complete the whole recovery cycle even when the symptoms quickly disappeared. Item Type: Massage & Relaxation Model Number: SLDMST Storage: airtight sealed, placed in a cool and dry place. Size: 7-10cm/2.7-4inches each sheet Package: 8pieces/bag

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