MGDRx Eye Bag for Blepharitis

MGDRx Eye Bag for Blepharitis
  • Blepharitis Breakthrough. A natural treatment designed by leading UK Ophthalmologist
  • Because “Hot Flannel” treatments dont stay Hot enough, long enough to work. Ease the blocked eyelid glands that cause Blepharitis and Dry Eyes
  • Simple and Safe. Warm-up in a Microwave or Oven and Lie Back
  • and Relax with the Warm Compress Mask for 10 minutes, Massage and Notice quickly how your dry eye lids feel clearer


The EyeBag was invented by the leading UK ophthalmic surgeon, Mr Teifi James, after years of treating patients with frustrating Blepharitis and Dry Eyes.

When the tiny glands between the eyelashes become blocked and the oily layer is missing from the tear film, inflamed dry eyes follow. The EyeBag is the only way to warm the eyelids for long enough to release the blocked oil glands.

NB The standard “hot flannel” treatments risk being too hot initially and can only maintain an appropriately warm temperature for a few seconds. The EyeBag maintains an effective warm temperature (40C) for over 10 minutes.

The latest aim of treatment is to remove the blockages that prevent those essential oils from joining and stabilising the natural tear film that covers and protects the eyes.

Using a EyeBag treatment for Blepharitis and Related Conditions has five main advantages for you:

1. more effective – 10 minutes of dry heat eases the eyelid blockages much more than a hot flannel’s short, wet treatment

2. natural, no drugs or detergents that would destabilise your tear film

3. re-sterilisation by Microwaves before each use – reducing the risk of cross infection between eyes and hands

4. easy to apply and pleasant to use – relax for 10 minutes. You will want to repeat it as regularly as is required to relieve your blepharitis

5. Lumecare Sterile Eye Lid Wipes for cleansing Blepharitis have been developed to work with the Mask to clean away waxy oils released by massaging along the eyelids

6. re-usable up to about 200 times (depending on how gently it is warmed up at each use)

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