Lumbros Biofeedbac Posture Support Belt. Stop Back Pain-designed by Worlds Leading Back Doctor

Lumbros Biofeedbac Posture Support Belt. Stop Back Pain-designed by Worlds Leading Back Doctor
  • Relieves muscular pain fast and reduced muscle tension
  • Drug-free – no electronics – no batteries-no magnets-Pacemaker Friendly
  • Developed in the UK by a spinal expert Professor Malcolm Pope
  • Supports & Improves posture
  • Tested and proven clinically

Who can Benefit?  Anyone suffering from the pain associated with bad posture and affecting the lumbar region and other associated areas. Thousands of back-pain sufferers use Lumbros BiofeedbacTM support belt.


Utilizes the latest developments in research into spinal disease and injury, LUMBROS brings FAST relief to back pain sufferers by using the body’s own automated awareness to re-educate its own muscular performance.

UNIQUE PATENTED BELT Leading UK spinal scientist Prof. Malcolm Pope’s  unique BiofeedbacTM technology has taken more than 35 years  of clinical research and development to develop this spinal expertise into an all-day wearable belt.

      *Relieves muscular pain fast
        * Reduces muscle tension
    * Supports & Improves posture
    * Drug-free – no electronics – no batteries- no magnets
        * Developed in the UK by a spinal expert
    * Pacemaker friendly
    * Tested and proven clinically
    * Comfortable, Compact and Lightweight
    * Perfect For both men and women
    * Adjustable velcro for easy use
    * One size fits 22″ to 55″

    “For over 30 years, I have dedicated my career to improving people’s health and wellbeing through research and clinical testing in some of the world’s most respected academic institutions in diagnosing & treating spinal disease and injury. I have worked closely with Bioenergiser to produce the worlds first BiofeedbacTMhealth delivery system that is validated by clinical research.” Professor Malcolm Pope, Dr.Med.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc   

    Customer Testimonial
    “I am 83 years old, I used to suffer with chronic back pain. After wearing the Biofeedbac Belt I am now completely pain free. It’s amazing; I now play 18 holes of golf Tuesdays and Thursdays and have no pain or stiffness” “- G.S. West Midlands           

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