Lockeroom Posture Pro Upper Back Roller (Blue)

Lockeroom Posture Pro Upper Back Roller (Blue)
  • Posture Pro was primarily developed for the relief of joint stiffness in the Thoracic spine (Upper back and shoulders).
  • By improving thoracic mobility, helps reduce neck & back pain and stiffness and improve posture.
  • As well as improving spinal joint mobility, the Posture Pro can release thoracic muscular and fascial tension that often causes headaches.
  • Posture Pro has also be used effectively on for many other areas of the body including releases for – Plantar fasciitis, Calf tightness, ITB and TFL, Pectoralis major and minor, Teres, Lats and Traps.

Use regularly to reduce neck and shoulder muscle tightness and joint stiffness caused by poor sitting posture.

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