Ivation Lumbar Back Stretcher Device for Chronic Lower Back Pain – BONUS High Density Spiky Massage Ball

Ivation Lumbar Back Stretcher Device for Chronic Lower Back Pain - BONUS High Density Spiky Massage Ball
  • Physician-Developed Device is Proven as Most Effective Stretcher for Lower Back
  • Targeted Stretching Delivers Rapid Pain Relief Without Any Toxic Pain Medication
  • Enjoy Immediate Relief of Back Pain, Sciatic Pain & Stress in Just 10 Minutes Daily
  • Total Body Improvement Promotes Relaxation & Helps to Combat Restless Nights
  • Regular Use Greatly Increases Flexibility & Betters Posture for Higher Quality of Life

Finally! Simple, easy, safe, at-home back pain relief.

Lower back pain has reached epidemic levels in recent years and is now the leading cause of disability – worldwide. So rather than becoming a statistic and then resorting to popping dangerous medication, choose the simpler, safer route: Daily stretching with this wonderful Lumbar Back Stretcher from Ivation. Its firm but flexible bumps gently massage and stretch your muscles and soft tissue, helping relieve the constant pains of cramps, headaches, tension and spasms. This effectively addresses the
source of chronic pain.

Designed by the Medical Community

Ivation’s Lumbar Back Stretcher has been designed, developed and successfully tested by reputable doctors who have found this simple, safe application to offer fast, reliable, desperately needed relief for suffers from chronic back/spine pain.

Self-Administered – No Prescription!

Forget toxic pain medication. Instead, enjoy rapid relief by controlling how much pressure the device’s bumps apply to your back. Roll back and forth until you find a pain point, and then focus on getting a deep, penetrating, spot-on massage.

A Contribution to Total Body Wellness

Beyond pain relief, our stretcher promotes relaxation, helps combat restless nights, betters overall posture, releases toxins and improves blood circulation. The PVC material is free of phthalates and heavy metal, safe for prolonged skin contact.

BONUS Spiky Massage Ball Included

Also known as a porcupine ball, this massage ball features sensory nodules that penetrate down to the muscle layers. It is Ideal for self-massage to relieve pain and tension from head to toe: hands, feet, shoulders, back, legs, buttocks, neck.

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