Ice Power Gel + MSM 200ml

Ice Power Gel + MSM 200ml
  • Ice Power Cold Gel quickly and effectively relieves pain, inflammation and swelling
  • Ideal for sprains, strains, muscular aches and arthritic pain.
  • Releases excessive muscle tension
  • Clinically proven to reduce pain and inflammation almost immediately
  • The PLUS gel contains MSM which helps to increase the effectiveness of the gel and aid in soft tissue pain relief and swelling.

Ice Power Plus quickly and effectively relieves pain, inflammation and swelling as well as releases excessive muscle tension with long term aches and pains. The MSM in Ice Power Plus helps to strengthen the effect of this Cold Gel.

Ice Power Plus

relieves muscle and joint pain
relieves painful symptoms of inflamed joints
for treatment of tenosynovitis
eases muscle tensions
improves muscle recovery after physical exertion
for treating muscular back pain
reduces swelling

MSM (methyl sulphonyl metane) is a sulfuric compound of small molecules that is found in certain types of food, such as coffee, tea, green vegetables and also in various proteins of the human body. Sulphur is one of the minerals essential for humans. The content of sulphur in joints is decreased by inflammation. The sulphur compounds in MSM are easily assimilated by the human body and that is why MSM is widely used for treating joint problems such as arthritis, arthrosis and also tenosynovitis

How does MSM work?

relieves inflammation, fastens muscle recovery and prevents muscle aches
relieves symptoms of tired and painful muscles and joints

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