Heat in a Click Reusable Knee and Elbow Kit

Heat in a Click Reusable Knee and Elbow Kit
  • The ‘Heat-In-A-Click’ pad provides instant, portable, re-usable and safe heat at the click of a button
  • Ideal to treat muscle and joint pain in a non medical way. Special shape to fit around knees or elbows
  • Can be used again and again
  • can be used as body warmer and any situation where heat is needed.
  • safer alternative to a hot water bottle.

Heat in a Click pads contain a solution of Sodium Acetate (a form of Salt) in a sealed plastic bag. Upon flexing the small metal disc inside the pad a molecular reaction is started causing the solution to crystallize.Starting this chain reaction causes the entire solution to solidify. During the reaction from liquid to crystal form, energy is released in the form of heat. Gradually the heat pad will start to cool down, returning to its original solid state. The time this takes is dependable on the size and model of the heat pad however the pad can be re-used again and again. Knee & Elbow Kit Heat Pad – specially designed to fit around the knee joint, provides up to two hours of heat before gradually cooling down. Two ‘Heat in a Click’ pads included to warm both sides of your knee. ‘Heat in a Click’ is an instant, portable and reusable heating pad that applies heat to the body to help with relaxation, pain relief and general well being. At a click of a button the pad will reach 54°C (130°F). Can be reused and recharged by boiling in a pan of water.


Sodium Acetate, water


For instant heat bend the metal disc inside the pad. To re-use simply boil in a pan of water for a few minute until the pad returns to liquid form. Repeat as needed.

Safety Warning

Not suitable for children under 5 years old. Handle with caution throughout the boiling process and after until product has cooled down. Do not use on bare skin or sensitive areas. Do not put item in microwave.

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