Flexibak Lower Back Pain Relief Massage Cradle

Flexibak Lower Back Pain Relief Massage Cradle
  • Flexibak – the amazing cradle for the relief of lower back pain
  • Designed by an Osteopath and endorsed by Doctors
  • Clinically tested
  • 30-day trial and money back guarantee
  • Relieving lower back pain since 1999
  • The original and the best – often copied, never equalled!

Flexibak is a UK invention by a qualified Osteopath. We have been marketing it in the UK since 1999 and more recently in Australia, Japan & 10 European countries. The Flexibak is ideal for both Acute & Chronic sufferers of lower back pain. The scientific shape of the cradle supports 66% of the patient’s body weight in such a way that encourages the lumbar and sacroiliac joints to open up. The unique rotational action of Flexibak facilitates return of natural movement as pressure on inflamed muscles is relieved. In one-word; Flexibak “decompresses” the discs in the lower back. 83% of lower back pain is caused by compression. When visiting a back care professional, the means by which they treat you is through movement, traction and pressure. For many years, prior to launching Flexibak, we researched a method by which this could be replicated and you can look after your own back as a supplement to professional treatment. 100 years ago, doctors would say “go home and lie flat on your back for 14-days”. This advice has long been superseded, in most cases, by the recommendation of gentle exercise. More recently back care professionals have been advising their patients to “go home, lie on your back, raise your knees and gently rock your knees from side to side”. This is good advice. Now, by doing this simple exercise lying on the Flexibak means your back is not in friction with the carpet. The therapeutic benefits are accentuated because the patient’s body-weight is supported and their back is inclined at a 32 degree angle, gravity gently decompresses the lumbar discs. Patients taller than 1.94m (6′ 4”) or shorter than 1.58m (5′ 2”) will derive less benefit from Flexibak. There are no weight restrictions. Many patients write to say how pleased they are with the results and many say they no longer take pain killers. If you suffer from back problems, try Flexibak now with the safety of our 30-day money back guarantee.

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