DenadaDance Bunion Pain Relief Set – 2 Bunion Protectors & 2 Toe Separators

DenadaDance Bunion Pain Relief Set - 2 Bunion Protectors & 2 Toe Separators
  • NEW soft tube TOE SEPARATORS provide better toe alignment.
  • Protect sensitive skin of big toes bunions, prevent calluses formation and overlapped toes friction.
  • 2-loops BUNION PAD and 1-loop TOE SPACER/ STRAIGHTENER / SPREADER are made to stay in place when worn in your boots or running shoes.
  • Skin colour makes toe spreaders less visible when worn in sandals.
  • One size fits most feet. For day and nigh use. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Is It Time To Correct Your Bunion Pain?

What Makes the DenadaDance® Bunion Pain Relief Set Unique?

– Made of medical grade soft gel
– Promotes proper toe alignment
– Prevents skin rubbing
– Relieves pressure caused by bunions
– Fits in most shoes
– Includes 2 toe spacers & 2 bunion shields/protectors

Banish Bunion Pain from Dawn to Dusk

– Discover the two-pronged solution for easing bunion pain-with our easy to use Bunion Pain Relief Set offering TWO separate solutions for treating your painful bunions.
– Kick off the day with a lot less pain, by slipping the Gel Bunion Spacer with its lightweight Stay-Put Loop inside your shoes. Constructed of medical grade soft white gel, this soothing Gel Spacer protects and gently stretches your big toe; for all-day pain reduction and relief.
– For nightime pain relief, slip on the Toe Gel Separator Bunion Protector, so you can sleep soundly, with noticable relief from bunion pain.

All DenadaDance® foot care products have our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

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