CieAnk Powerful Handheld Vibration Massager with FOUR Strong Percussion Heads

CieAnk Powerful Handheld Vibration Massager with FOUR Strong Percussion Heads
  • ACHES and PAINS RELIEVES: This powerful handheld Massager is to relieve and relax muscle tension and aches, promote blood circulation, free spasmodic muscles, revive tired physiques.
  • FULL BODY MASSAGERS: Ergonomic Design – a perfect fitting handle for you to hold; the Long handle to reach almost all areas of the body.
  • STRONG and POWERFUL: FOUR Heads, TWO levels strengths, Three Sets of interchangeable massage heads.
  • EASY TO USE: Deep Tissue massage for shoulder, back, arms, legs and so on; enjoy at home or during work break in the office.
  • WARRANTY and SERVICES: 30 Days Return for Full Refund, 24 Months Warranty, Fast and Professional Technical Support and Customer Service.

The CieAnk FOUR Heads Handheld Massager is an Easy to Use for a quick massage at home or in the office. It is recommended by massage therapists and sports injury therapists. The vibrating massage heads provide Soothing and Relaxing Therapy for Aching and Tension Muscles.

The design makes it Easy to Hold and Use. It can be used to treat almost all areas of the body, such as the neck, shoulders, back, abdominal area, arms, legs and feet. A long power cord (UL certification approved) gives you increased flexibility.

There are 3 sets of interchangeable head to customize your own massager. We suggest that you initially experiment using each of the modes. The mode that gives you the most desirable sensations and comfort is the most appropriated one for you to use.

A simple plug in, switch on and chill out device that really hits that spot of tense and aching muscles. Not only will you experience an enhanced sense of wellness, you’ll also benefit from increased endorphins and immediate Stress Relief.

Living in the moment! Benefit from our simple health enhancing tools, enjoy relaxation, and make you feel recharged and fully refreshed. Feel good and look good! Further your journey into self discovery.

Package Includes:

1 x Massager
3 x Sets Massage Head Attachments
1x User Manual

Lowest Price: £69.99
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