Buscopan IBS Relief 20 Abdominal Cramp Relief Tablets

Buscopan IBS Relief 20 Abdominal Cramp Relief Tablets

Quick Overview

BUSCOPAN IBS RELIEF is a tablet containing hyoscine butylbromide. This medicine relieves the discomfort and pain of abdominal cramps, associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It belongs to a group of medicines called antispasmodics. They work by relaxing the cramping muscles of your bowel.

How to Use:

Adults and children 12years or over: Start by taking one tablet 3 times a day. You can increase your dose to a maximum of two tablets 4 times a day if needed. Swallow the tablet whole with water, do not crush or chew. Not recommended for children under 12 years of age Always read the information provided on the packaging and enclosed Patient Information Leaflet before taking this medicine.DO NOT EXCEED THE STATED DOSE

Active ingredients:

Each tablet contains Hyoscine butylbromide 10mg as the active ingredient. Also contains soluble starch, maize starch, and sucrose.

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