Bunion Relief Pack – 2 Bunion Pads Toe Spreaders – For Pain Relief and Proper Toe Alignment – Left & Right

Bunion Relief Pack - 2 Bunion Pads Toe Spreaders - For Pain Relief and Proper Toe Alignment - Left & Right
  • INCLUDES – 2 BUNION PADS TOE SPREADERS – Toe spreaders – also known as toe spacers or toe straighteners & separators – separate the big toe from the second, smaller one. This keeps a comfortable and secure alignment for your toes. These bunion correctors, or big toe protectors are combined with the toe spreaders and can help to realign the big toe while at the same time alleviating some of the pressure that makes bunions especially painful.
  • TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK – Have you missed those high heels, pointe shoes, doing sports or even just a simple, pain-free walk in the park? Don’t worry – you don’t have to miss them anymore! With These Bunion Cushion Pads – which are also known as bunion splint pads which are made of our soothing and flexible, high-grade gel material, you can feel free to wear almost any shoe or take a walk, with little to no pain at all!
  • PAIN RELIEF AND LONG-TERM HEALTH – Besides easing your pain, these bunion aid pads toe spreaders can also help to realign the toes, and prevent further damage, pain, and issues that come from having untreated bunions. This is a must-have for anyone suffering right now, or even just to keep “in stock” just in case! Rest easy knowing if your bunion returns or if you have one in the future, you are prepared.
  • STAY HAPPY & CONQUER THE DAY – Among other bunion care or hallux valgus products, AligNow bunion pads are specifically designed to support and provide all-day pain reduction and relief for your feet. Made of soft white silicone gel, and constructed to create comfort, pain relief, and toe correct re-alignment.
  • BEST PART! YOU CAN BUY IT TODAY, RISK FREE! – You can order it right now – RISK FREE. It includes a full, money-back guarantee. If you are not absolutely 100% happy with your purchase, will provide a 100% FULL REFUND – NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Having a bunion is an awful experience, and can even require surgery!

A bunion (Also known as hallux valgus) is an enlargement of bone or tissue around the joint at the base of the big toe (metatarsal head). This creates a bump that can cause a great deal of pain and swelling. It can also push your big toe inward and can cause serious joint damage and long-term permanent crookedness.

Our AligNow bunion pads toe spreaders – can be your ticket out – of the excruciating pain and possible permanent damage that can come from this affliction. They are exactly what you need to relieve your pain and support healthy toe alignment for healthy short and long-term results.

Pack Includes:
2 x Toe protectors bunion pads combined with a toe spreader.

– These 2 big toe protectors bunion pads, made of medical grade soft gel, combined with the toe spreader, protects your bunion from rubbing on your shoe while providing maximum comfort. BEST PART! You get these bunion pads RISK FREE, with a FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. You have nothing to lose but your pain and possible long-term health problems! Bunion pain can be agonizing, limit your activity, keep you from living how you want to, and very distracting. Embrace life again, wear the shoes you want to, engage in the activities you want to, and do it all knowing that if you are not completely satisfied with these perfect pads, you’ll get your money back! So take this incredible deal today, whether it’s for you, someone you know, or for possible future use.

Start living life like you want to again, beginning now!

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