Bracoo Thumb & Wrist Brace, Support & Relief for Thumb & Wrist Pain, Discrete Spring Splints, Reversible

Bracoo Thumb & Wrist Brace, Support & Relief for Thumb & Wrist Pain, Discrete Spring Splints, Reversible
  • Stabilizes the thumb using concealed springs splints, limiting wrist motion and allowing the joints and supporting muscles time to naturally heal and recover
  • Ideal for relieving occupational pain from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and repetitive stress injury (RSI), recovery from painful sports-related thumb & wrist strains, or post-surgery and post-cast rehabilitation
  • Light-weight, discrete design allows normal finger movement and minor flexing at the thumb tip for standard tasks such as typing, driving, and cooking
  • Quality, breathable neoprene sleeve fits both right and left thumbs, ensuring warmth and boosting blood circulation; tightness can be adjusted easily using 3 Velcro straps
  • Fits wrist circumferences up to 10″; thumb opening fits thumb circumferences up to 3.4″

Superior Technology & Design
Our simple yet effective design fits either hand. The brace can be tailored to fit any hand shape with three adjustable Velcro straps which attach to any point on the external surface. Twin metal springs effectively brace either side of the lower thumb to reduce mobility, while the neoprene sleeve and strapping provide warm pressure & mild/medium support to the wrist and lower-hand.

Medical Performance
Provides mild to moderate support to the wrist, metacarpal region, and particularly the thumb. While effectively immobilizing the lower half of the thumb, the tip is still able to flex for everyday tasks. Neoprene is an excellent thermal insulator, which means the affected region stays warm thereby boosting blood circulation and accelerating the body’s natural recovery. Ideal for relieving chronic pain, or protecting sensitive tendons or muscle tissue during recovery.

Ideal for
– Supporting thumb injuries (ligament instability, sprain, or muscle strain)
– Accelerating recovery to the wrist and thumb region
– Wrist fractures
– Osteoarthritis (arthritis of the joints), BlackBerry Thumb, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Stress Injury
– Post-surgery or post-removal of casting

Technical Specifications
– 78% polyester, 22% elastane
– Hand wash in cool water – hang dry
– Available in black (unisex)
– Fits both left and right hand
– 1 brace per package

Designed in the USA. Manufactured in Taiwan.
FDA Certified

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