Booband Adjustable Breast Support Band Sports Bra Alternative, Black

Booband Adjustable Breast Support Band Sports Bra Alternative, Black
  • Far greater reduction in vertical and lateral movement compared to sport bras. The ideal solution for all low, medium and high impact activities. Wear with or without a sports bra (or regular bra). Benefit from a new level of confidence.
  • Whilst it has its roots in the medical support world, and is great for post-op breast surgery/augmentation recovery, it has been developed for modern activity and exercise.
  • Prevents movement, injury, ligament damage, pain and sagging, and improves posture. The adjustable velcro supports breasts of various sizes.
  • Increases comfort, confidence, and performance during all sporting, fitness and lifestyle activities. Perfect for running, jogging, gym workouts, and much more.
  • Small: 90cm in length (fits dress size 6-10). Medium: 100cm in length (fits dress size 12-16).

Are your assets getting in the way of your sport and lifestyle activities? The Booband has been developed to reduce vertical and lateral movement, prevent injury, pain, ligament damage and sagging. Benefit from a new level of comfort, performance, and confidence thanks to this wonderful fitness accessory!

BuzzFeed recently recommended Booband as a ‘life-changing product’: “The Booband not only made me feel more comfortable, but more confident running in public, too. I started picking up my pace and stopped fearing workouts that ended in burpees. This thing is, hands down, the best money I’ve ever spent on my chest pillows”.

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