Beurer MG40 Infrared Massager with Rotating Head

Beurer MG40 Infrared Massager with Rotating Head
  • Soothing Handheld Vibration Massager
  • Swivel head for treating hard to reach areas
  • XL 3 way adjustable handle
  • 4 interchangeable massage attachments
  • Infrared Heat increases the relaxation benefits

The rotating head of the Beurer MG40 Infrared Massager means all parts of the body can be reached easily. It also means you can position the handle comfortable for you which is a real benefit if you suffer rheumatic conditions such as arthritis.

Massage is recommended for all of us for a whole host of reasons. Besides increasing your general well-being, it is helpful in reducing muscle aches and tension, circulatory disorders, stress, depression, and feelings of fatigue. The additional warmth of this infrared massager reinforces the effect of the massage it delivers not only by warming the surface of the skin but by promoting circulation in the area. This way the massage reaches deeper layers of tissue and muscles and the natural healing process is accelerated.

The great thing about the Beurer MG40 Infrared Massager, besides the flexibility of its pivoting head, is its adjustable fittings which include:
– A brush fitting to deliver intensive skin massage that stimulates circulation under the skin

– A double knobbed fitting to deliver intensive and deep localised massage, perfectly soothing for physical exertion

– A multiple knobbed fitting to deliver intensive massage to relieve muscle pain and tension

– A tapered fitting to deliver intensive and deep localised massage perfect to ease away signs of stress

Treat yourself to a spa-quality massage in the comfort of your own home – what better way to unwind.

Lowest Price: £20.75
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