Ben Belle TENS Electrode Pads – 24 PREMIUM TENS Pads for Electro Stimulation (Snap on – 3.5mm) -Pain Relief + Perfect Comfort – Compatible with most TENS Unit Muscle Stimulators, EMS and TENS machines

Ben Belle TENS Electrode Pads - 24 PREMIUM TENS Pads for Electro Stimulation (Snap on - 3.5mm) -Pain Relief + Perfect Comfort - Compatible with most TENS Unit Muscle Stimulators, EMS and TENS machines
  • Universally comptible: For all TENS unit machine, EMS tens unit and electric pulse stimulation machine using a standard Ø 3.5 mm diameter female button snap connector. Used for physical and digital therapy, electrical muscle stimulation and electro stimulation therapy, pain relief, muscle shock therapy, sciatic nerve stimulation, and other pain management treats. To treat sore and tired muscles, muscle stiffness and chronic pain on your feet, waist, back, shoulders, neck, arms, legs and more.
  • Best Medical-Grade TENS unit pads. Provide excellent immediate stress and joint pain relief by targeting your sore or aching muscles. You can start enjoying daily treatments of electric shock therapy from the comfort of your home and at a fraction of the cost you would pay for just one in-office massage electronic stimulation treatment with your health care provider.
  • Resealable double seal packaging for longer life: Packed in 6 ziplock bags (4 gel EMS Pads / Bag) so that the massager electrodes wont dry. Our premium EMS electrodes for tens unit should Last for up to 30 uses or more, depending upon care of the tens machine pads and condition of the skin. The life of the electronic pads may be extended by cleaning the skin prior to use, cleaning the machine electrodes occasionally and storing them in their air tight package when not in use.
  • Comfort and flexibility: The premium soft-touch nonwoven fabric of these massage pads is very durable and provides perfect flexibility and comfort enabling curving to body contours and around joints for high conductivity electric massage without irritation or chafing.
  • Self adhesive and Reusable electro pads: Pre-gelled TENS unit electrode pads extra thick and sticky requiring no extra electrode gel or conductive gel. Latex-Free and Non-Irritating to skin. Get one for yourself and one for a friend!

The Ben Belle ® TENS Unit non-woven fabric series of electrode pads are high quality, premium TENS electrodes made with high quality adhesive for reusability. These TENS machine Electrodes are professional quality and very popular with Healthcare practitioners for home use with their professional electrotherapy devices. They also make a preferred choice for personal use TENS Unit. These TENS Electrodes offers the high quality of reusable gel on the market. Since the electrode Pads with 3.5mm connectors that will fit most TENS and muscle stimulators available in the UK, are pre-gelled, simply place them on the area, and when finished, place them back on the electrode pad (included). The better you care for the electrodes, the longer they will last.

Throw Your Old Electrotherapy Pads in the Waste Bin – The Premium Quality Muscle Electrodes Are Here!

• Used for:

Physical electric stimulation and electrical stimulation therapy.

Electronic muscle stimulation (EMS).

Electronic pulse therapy and other pain Management-Treats.

Treat muscles and chronic pain on all body-parts.

• Durable flexi-meshcloth enabling curving to body contours and joints.

• Extra thick and sticky with highest quality self-adhesive gel for high conductivity and better skin protection.

• Resealable packaging for longer life (Up to 30 uses).

• Compatible with all devices using a 3.5 mm diameter female button snap connector.

• You get 6 packs of 4, individually packed in zip locked PE bags. Total of 24, 40 x 40 mm (1.57 inch by 1.57 inch)

Note: The stud of tens pads is diameter 3.5 mm. Please check the stud hole size of your existing electrode lead between 3.4mm~3.6mm before you buy to ensure the replacement tens pad fit in your tens machine.

Note 2 : To apply only to the unbroken skin.

NOT compatible with Philips, Compex, BOOTS 2BT TENS device

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