2 x Evanmore reusable hot cold pack packs ice heat gel physio compress 13 x 25cm

2 x Evanmore reusable hot cold pack packs ice heat gel physio compress 13 x 25cm
  • REALLY EASY TO USE – One pack for hot and cold – Heats up quickly in the microwave (or hot water) and holds heat for ages and freezes fast and stays really cold for ages too
  • FLEXIBLE, PLIABLE, SOFT AND VERSATILE – Even when cold the pack moulds nicely around the affected area – Ideal size works for back, neck or shoulders, as well as knees and elbows and can be used on most body parts
  • DURABLE, LONG-LASTING, ROBUST AND REUSABLE- Our hot and cold packs are well made to a high standard from strong, comfortable nylon with rounded corners – Filled with high performance non toxic gel they don’t split or burst and they keep going for years
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE AND PERFECT FOR TREATING MOST SOFT TISSUE & SPORTING INJURIES – Perfect for easing pain and treating joint and muscular aches and pains, headaches, toothache, general bruising, minor burns and reducing swelling and inflammation
  • JUST KEEP IN THE FREEZER READY TO GO – Ideal for after gym recovery and accident prone kids

It’s an experience we’ve all had…

Rummaging around the freezer for a bag of frozen peas or some other small veg to ease the pain and swelling of an injury. The peas go all over the floor. Ice goes everywhere. There’s not quite enough peas in the bag to treat the injury.

Luckily our large hot and cold packs solve this problem. They stay cold for ages and mould nicely around the affected area, and you can just keep them in the freezer ready. The same packs can be heated quickly in the microwave or hot water.

Evanmore Hot Cold Packs

Large luxury hot cold packs are perfect for treating most soft tissue injuries as well as headaches and toothaches.

Check out the benefits:

– Really easy to use: each pack has instructions printed on it so you don’t need to hunt for the instructions every time.

– Large size: 13 x 23cm so large enough for use on the back or shoulder while also perfect for ankles or wrists.

– Reusable and reliable – they keep going for years.

– Soft and pliable: made of high quality nylon they are comfortable to use and very flexible.

– Drug-free, highly effective treatment of aches, pains and swelling.

What’s included:

2 x large hot and cold packs

Evanmore hot and cold packs are the ideal drug-free way to treat aches and pains and most soft tissue injuries!

Lowest Price: £6.95
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