2 x Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel with Ilex – 118ml / 4oz Tube

2 x Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel with Ilex - 118ml / 4oz Tube
  • Cooling gel ideal for the relief of muscle aches and joint discomfort
  • Particularly for pain associated typically with minor backache, tendonitis, muscle over-use, strains/stress and sports injuries
  • Can also help to relieve pain caused by arthritis and neuropathy
  • Patients report up to six hours of pain relief, without pills
  • One of America`s favourite pain relieving gels is now available here!

Biofreeze is a cryogel, which uses cold therapy to give fast, topical relief from pain associated with: Sports injuries, aching joints and arthritis, back and neck pain, stiff and aching muscles.
Biofreeze is the only analgesic containing ILEX, which works by dramatically cooling the affected areas, achieving pain relief in two ways: By reducing blood supply to the area and by reducing the ability of the nerve to conduct pain stimuli.

Biofreeze fully penetrates joints and muscles in three minutes and gives effective pain relief for hours – without pills. Maximum benefit will be felt after 2 – 3 applications.

isopropyl alcohol

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